Quidditch world cup 2011 (For real)

I didn’t actually arrive by Hogwarts express but that disappointment quickly dissolved as I stepped aboard the water taxi to Randall’s island… People dressed in Hogwarts attire couldn’t contain their excitement for the day ahead. I must stress…This is serious! To suggest otherwise would be an insult to these world class athletes… Ask the fans of “Harry & the potters” as they jump and scream wildly to tracks like “Voldemort Can’t Stop the Rock”! 

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    we had the best mascot/cheerleaders! thank you TGTSNBN!
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    I kinda wish I had picked my tickets up there. I love the tickets as opposed to the picted one Though, I don’t think I...
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    The Badassilisks’ Badassilisk…so damn cool.
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